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BDT is more than a custom high-end designer product line.

Our group is an amalgamation of imaginative talents from the broad world of the creative arts, including the hospitality design & purchasing industry, fine art & collectables, fashion & apparel, furniture design & manufacturing.

Together we represent over 40 years of industry experience and project successes, in great part realized through the efforts of the principals of Robert Lastra & Associates, the premiere boutique purchasing firm specializing in high-end luxury hotels, world class destination resorts and private residences.

The extensive technical skill set and applied creative problem solving techniques refined by years of experience in purchasing is what inspired the genesis of BD Talamdge. 

It is the formation of BD Talmadge, a wholly independent and separately managed source group that we proudly bring to the forefront of the industry.  

A team of specialists dedicated solely to the art of creating beautiful designer furnishings and finishes, with sensitivity to the elements of grace, style, scale, proportion, application and purpose, beautifully realized, but executed within the context of the ever sensitive and challenging issues of cost and budget.

We have eliminated the re-active approach by tackling the problem solving aspects of FF&E cost/budget and specification, with you the designer, at the onset of your project. Our objective is to eliminate quality compromises or cost driven roadblocks that will often thwart the linear creative process.

We bring to your corner a global, refined pool of discriminating industry sources. A collection of designers, craftsmen and creative visionaries, who not only understand the importance of quality, but that truly comprehend the price-competitive and value-driven nature of today’s business climate.

Ours is one of collaborative support, from conceptual design phase and budgeting through to the fabrication of the finished project, bringing forth your vision to realization without compromising any of the timeless elements of quality, style and worth.

In short, we help you in your creative process from imagination to realization.