Robert Lastra


Robert Lastra was born into a family of highly creative and accomplished individuals, including musicians, artists and writers.  As a young man, Robert found his "voice" in the world of imagined forms and interior environments.  While his childhood peers were doodling, Robert was already "designing" homes.  He was drawn to the concepts of interior volume and space.  His first important position in the design industry - that of working for a manufacturing company that engineered and built custom special effects - allowed him his first formal exposure to the world of interiors.  That experience has grown into what is now 30 years of on-the-job training in the creative servicing and implementation of interiors for high-end designation resort hotels and private residences, eventually leading, in 1989, to the formation of Robert Lastra & Associates, a purchasing company he co-founded with designer David Pascual.

After thirty years, my passion for this work hasn't waned but has grown," said Lastra. "I think that's come about from my ever-growing realization that you can find lines, color and warmth in all things … that life, in all its forms and in and of itself, is art.