Keith Resnick



Another East Coast transplant, Keith traveled West to California in search of creative expression. His family, also engaged in New York’s fashion industry, expected Keith to assume the helm of the family business but he opted otherwise; he had become smitten by the world of New York’s collectible art scene. He responded to his calling by taking a position with one of LA’s top art specialists and brokers, catering not only to the “carriage trade” but also the Hospitality design sector. During his gallery tenure, Keith acquired and developed new organizational and administrative skills while simultaneously building scores of still lasting professional and personal relationships with members of the International interior design community. Keith now brings his exceptionally specialized skill set to BD Talmadge as acting Director of Sales & Marketing with a primary focus on hospitality design clientele.

When you strip the artifice away from any meaningful industry - reduce it to it's simplest purpose - you find it's about people," says Resnick.  "The design of living spaces is no exception.  Our business is a people business.  We succeed because we never lose sight of that fact.